Partnership between the Model Youth Parliament and New Silk Way Model UN

Youth Parliament Assembly 2020

Date: July 17-18, via Gmeet platform. 

Ban Ki-moon Institute for Sustainable Development at al-Farabi KazNU, as coordinating body among other regional institutions and organizations, has taken a part in the First Virtual Youth Parliament Assembly which was organized by the Model Youth Parliament. Also, there was the first step of mutual cooperation between New Silk Way Model United Nations (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and the Model Youth Parliament (Joypurhat, Bangladesh) in terms of their future event to exchange knowledge and skills of global diplomacy for social enlightenment.  There was also a mutual cooperation interest for to co-organize the international SAARC summit with Bangladeshi young leaders.

In turn, the Youth Parliament was established in the Joypurhat district of Bangladesh on July 29, 2018, with a great vision. Youth Parliament is a platform devoted to working for the development of the country and society as a sincere citizen refraining from destroying dreams like drug addiction, terrorism, militancy, and juvenile delinquency, etc. It has created an incredible opportunity-based platform where the young generation can express their thoughts, opinion, and solutions to problems in Model Assembly. The concept of the Youth Parliament is to give enjoyment by learning so that all youths can strengthen their position as a conscious citizen of their country and society. In short, we can say it, “learning through work and enhancing leadership skills through learning”.

The Youth Parliament has adopted a work plan for contributing to the UN SDG’s goals as well as the New Silk Way MUN. The common goal will certainly bring both Models together in the future.

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