Popular science edition “Al-Farabi KazNU for shaping common future”

For many years Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is active in all the areas consistent with education and partnership goals and, most importantly, it has been functioning successfully as Global Hub of the UN Academic Impact program (UNAI) on Sustainability since 2014 to improve sustainable development related educational programs through collaboration with relevant partners worldwide. Because of this unique global academic cooperation, Al-Farabi KazNU accomplished a great number of successful educational, research and science projects of great significance. Within the framework of UNAI, Al-Farabi KazNU officially launched Ban Kimoon Institute for Sustainable Development located in the university main campus in Almaty. The Institute is primarily focused on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda at national, regional and global levels. The Institute was inaugurated by the 8th UN Secretary-General and the founder of the UNAI Mr. Ban Ki-moon on sites of Astana Economic Forum in 2018. The next step was conclusion of the trilateral Cooperation Agreement among Ban Ki-moon Centre For Global Citizenship (based in Vienna), Institute of Global Engagement and Empowerment (Seoul) and Ban Ki-moon institute for Sustainable development (Almaty). Al-Farabi KazNU, as UNAI Global Hub on Sustainability, at present, is adding this segment as a supportive element to the activities of the Hub to enhance its global actions as well as to establish new, UNAI related, partnerships. Sustainability represents a wide range of topics, themes, responsibilities, messages, actions and commitments in various directions as well as dimensions of the life of human beings. It strongly impacts the development of human societies and the human civilization in its complexity as well. We, at Al-Farabi KazNU primarily focus on the academia related segment, understanding the importance of the engagement of the academic circles and the youth in this important and global mind-shaping mission. In this respect, we focus not only on education and international cooperation, but also on the research development and related cooperation. We successfully conducted our first scientific project “Smart Cities on the Silk Road: International Experience of Sustainable development of cities”. In addition to promoting the SDGs through educational programs and scientific and innovative research, one of the important channels for the implementation of the SDG objectives is the active promotion of this ideology through the social activity of the university. KazNU participates in solving the challenges facing the country and the city. University scientists are involved in the National Programs of socio-economic development of Kazakhstan. KazNU is a member of the network of universities of social activity and willingly shares its experience of participation in the social life of society at international conferences and round tables. During the last period Al-Farabi KazNU as UNAI Global Hub on Sustainability organized more than 20 international conferences and thematic events, global classes and training courses dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals as well as the sustainable development itself. For that, we had been teaming up with the specialized UN Agencies and Programs, the Government, diplomatic community and, primarily, educational institutions (universities as well as secondary schools) at national, regional and international levels. We have also actively shared the information about all these activities via all kinds of relevant networks, e.g. the United Nations Information Centre in Almaty, Mass media (TV, radio, print media, social media), thematic workshops, etc. To enhance the effectiveness of the UNAI Global Hub on Sustainability as well as to promote the values of UNAI and the United Nations it was a great honor to host QS Worldwide – 2019 international conference. Al-Farabi KazNU, ranking 165th QS position worldwide arranged the Silk Road University Network (SUN) Assembly and strengthened the cooperation with University of Social Responsibility Network (USRN). These platforms helped to reach out to the wider strata of academic and educational institutions, highlight the sustainable development agenda and adequately promote the Sustainable Development Goals. Proudly and with honor, following the examples of such prestigious universities like Harvard or MGIMO, Al-Farabi KazNU included the annual International Model United Nations Conference – New Silk Way in its professional portfolio. For AlFarabi KazNU – UNAI Member and the UNAI Global Hub on Sustainability it is one more step in the right direction towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, greater inclusiveness aimed at the Youth as well as possibility to share the values of multiculturalism, global citizenship humanism, culture and education. To reflect the impressive achievements within the framework of UNAI AlFarabi KazNU launched the new edition of MDP Global Classroom as a result of long-lasting and close cooperation with Columbia University with the aim to further increase the number of global citizens and decisive policy makers. In 2017, Al-Farabi KazNU, the UNAI Global Hub on Sustainability, initiated a joint project with the UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) “Formation of Citizens of a Virtuous Society. Mission of modern universities”, which is being worked on in accordance with the Agreement signed between KazNU and UNAOC. Al-Farabi’s striking legacy became the basis of this project, which was presented during the international conference on Global Citizenship, at the UN headquarters in New York in 2018. This conference contributed to the promotion of capacity building for intercivilizational interaction at the academic level in terms of the formation of world citizens. For dedication and committed assistance to the ideas and principles of UNAI, Al-Farabi KazNU appreciates kind and valuable support and guidance of the UNAI team under the leadership of Mr. Ramu Damodaran. In this very special year of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, 10th anniversary of UNAI, as well as the Decade of Sustainable Development Goals, AlFarabi KazNU has prepared an ambitious and comprehensive plan of actions and events to adequately honor the unique activity of the United Nations Organization, devoted to the maintaining of peace on the planet, sustainable development and progress of Human civilization. All this information about the activities of KazNU within the framework of UN Academic Hub is widely expressed in this book.


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