Franco-Kazakhstan Institute of Science, Technology, and Energy


The Kazakhstan-French Scientific and Educational Center “Geo-Energy” was established in May 2010 at the initiative of Michel Panfilov, professor at the University of Lorraine, Aidarkhan Kaltaev, professor at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, and Talgat Yensepov, professor at Satbayev University.

The idea of ​​establishing the Center was supported by Presidents N. Nazarbayev and N. Sarkozy in 2010. The Center has previously received official support from: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of France, the French Embassy in Kazakhstan, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in France, and the Senate of France.

Previously, research was focused on Mechanics, Energy, Geoengineering, and mineral exploration. To date, these areas have been expanded to include tasks related to Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Efficiency, and Green Technologies. In particular, the current coordinators are working together in the field of renewable heating. Currently, the implementation of subjects such as Heat and Mass Transfer and other Renewable Energy disciplines is underway.

During the period from 2010 to 2024, many master’s and doctoral students from the leading Kazakhstani university have undergone training at French universities, including within the framework of the double degree program.

Appreciating the activities, representatives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs proposed transforming the “Geo-Energy” center into the Kazakhstan-French Institute of Science and Technology.

Since 2018, the institute has been offering two double degree programs with the University of Lorraine in the following specialties:

  • «Mechanics and Energy»
  • «Subterranean Reservoir Engineering»

The Institute constantly expands the scope of its activities by involving new universities and French companies in the process of training specialists for Kazakhstan.

For example, since 2019, the institute has been offering specialties in biology with the University of Lorraine, as well as a double degree program in mathematics with the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne.

Over the years of operation, the Center has graduated more than 150 masters, 14 Ph.D. students, and 2 Postdocs.

During their studies, master’s students have undergone internships at such globally renowned companies as Schlumberger, Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM), Areva-Orano, Katko, KMG Engineering, scientific laboratories of universities in France and Kazakhstan. Program graduates are successfully working in leading universities and companies worldwide, such as KAUST, Schlumberger, Orano, Katko, KMG Engineering, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Nazarbayev University, Satbayev University, and others.

Successful graduates of the center

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Doskhan Ybyraymkul – Researcher at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).
Alibek Kuljabekov – Postdoctoral fellow at Nazarbayev University.
Timur Imankulov – Winner of the Bolashak grant at the University of Great Britain.
Zarina Turtaeva – Postdoctoral fellow at a prestigious university in Switzerland (Swiss grant).
Erzhan Belyaev is a CAMPUS France and Erasmus+ grant holder in the R&D center LEMTA of the University of Lorraine.
Amankeldy Toleukhanov – Winner of a CAMPUS France and Erasmus+ grant in the R&D center LEMTA of the University of Lorraine.
Elnar Erdesh – Winner of an Erasmus+ grant at the R&D center LEMTA of the University of Lorraine.
Together with Professor Olivier Botella, Michel Faydt, Abdelhamid Hairi from the R&D center LEMTA of the University of Lorraine, and Acting Professor Belyaev E.K., VNS Toluekhanov A.E., SNS Erdesh E.B., SNS Seitov A.N. are carrying out a project on solar thermal energy storage based at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.