MDP/GLOBAL CLASSROOM PROGRAM for Sustainable DEVELOPMENT is a joint program with the Earth Institute, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY (USA)
The Master’s Program in “Sustainable Development” is a two–year program based on the training programs of world-class universities. The main goal of the program is to provide students with the knowledge necessary for a better understanding and perception of global sustainable development issues, namely: the study of the Sustainable Development Goals, the work of the United Nations on climate change, environmental issues, as well as alternative energy sources in the future.
The MDP/Global Classroom program focuses on developing the skills and abilities of young professionals who are capable of becoming leaders of the 21st century both in Kazakhstan and in the international arena. Moreover, the program focuses on applying knowledge locally and preparing students to address Kazakhstan’s national strategic programs such as: Green Bridge, Kazakhstan 2050 and EXPO 2017.
The program was developed jointly with the Department of International Cooperation of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, the MDP/Global Classroom Center, the head of UNESCO Faculty of Journalism, the Head of UNESCO for Sustainable Development of the Faculty of Geography and Environmental Management.
Features of the MDP program:
Training: Leading teachers, researchers and practitioners in Kazakhstan, as well as international partners, help students develop leadership skills, systematic analytical thinking and high-quality management skills necessary to work in a complex developing world.
International cooperation: The MDP program cooperates with universities in the USA, Europe and Hong Kong to develop comprehensive knowledge of global processes. 10 short-term MDP scholarships and 5 long-term scholarships (per semester) are awarded annually.
The curriculum was conceptually developed and approved by an International Board of Advisors in collaboration with partner universities from around the world, members of the MDP global network.
International projects: Students are given the opportunity to practice in the field of study, as part of research activities or work in projects (case studies). Working in local, regional and international projects is an integral part of the learning process. Students have the opportunity to choose to be involved in meaningful individual or team projects. Some projects are implemented by a joint team of two or more universities that are part of the global MDP network.
Academic exchange: Undergraduates have the opportunity to spend a semester at one of the member universities of the MDP global network, with which a cooperation agreement has been concluded, receiving possible loans according to the MDP degree.

Admission and academic process
The admission of applicants to the Sustainable Development program is based on the competitive qualities of applicants, academic performance, professional interests and experience. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
Also, all students must present documents/certificates of English language proficiency at the appropriate level (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) or be interviewed.

The application process:
All candidates need to download and fill out the questionnaire and send it to the following addresses:

Program Assistant:,

MDP/Global Classroom Website: