About the Ban Ki-Moon Institute for Sustainable Development

The Ban Ki-Moon Institute for Sustainable Development (BKMISD.kaznu.kz) has been established as an international academic institution at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU), Almaty, Kazakhstan, in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its establishment draws on the rich long-standing traditions of Al-Farabi KazNU in working on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the framework of developing countries and the developing world, bringing together several of its flagship long-running programs. These include the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), University 4.0, MDP/Global Classroom Program on Sustainability, Green Campus, Green Bridge through Generations, University Social Responsibility Network (USRN), Ruhani Zhangyru (Cultural & Social development program of Kazakhstan), “Al-Farabi – Smart City” and some others. The BKMISD.kaznu.kz focuses on promoting partnerships for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG-17) through educational, research and international collaboration activities.

The Mission Statement

The mission of the BKMISD.kaznu.kz is to develop an innovative approach for a global partnership for SDGs (SDG-17) in promoting and implementing SDGs through education, research, and international collaboration. The BKMISD.kaznu.kz seeks effective ways to bring together students, scholars, experts, policy-makers and the members of international organizations and INGOs for encouraging synergies in building the future we want. The interdisciplinary approach of BKMISD.kaznu.kz focuses on working together in finding practical solutions and strategies towards the 2030 UN agenda.



The BKMISD.kaznu.kz at Al-Farabi KazNU is designed to become a national and international think tank and a hub for developing cutting-edge research and educational programs. These programs are devised to better address the challenges of policy-making, policy analysis and environmental aspects of sustainable development at the global, national and local levels. The education programs of BKMISD.kaznu.kz offer training, curricular design and education to innovative top public managers, top corporate leaders and top policy-makers. The research activities bring together experts in Humanities, social and natural sciences to address topics concerning sustainable development, green growth, university 4.0, green economy, etc. The BKMISD.kaznu.kz works with all interested parties both at the national and international levels in fundraising and grant activities.

Key Programs

The BKMISD.kaznu.kz prepares to involve all interested parties, especially young leaders and activists, to address the challenges of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and work on activities to deal with such issues.