The Campus-in-Campus (CiC) Initiative is a scheme of sharing campuses among the partner universities with a purpose of utilizing our respective research and educational resources without any national or institutional barriers. Moreover, through the CiC scheme, partner universities are highly expected to enhance the mobility of exchange students, faculty members and administrative staff.

The ultimate goal is to create a transborder educational and research environment that overcomes disciplinary, institutional, and national barriers, and that allows students, faculty members, and administrative staff to realize their full potential.

Based on the CiC concept, a university and its partners share campuses, educational and research resources with the purpose to foster a transborder environment where students, faculty members and administrative staff can communicate and cooperate smoothly, surpassing institutional barriers.

In February 2015 the rectors of al-Farabi KazNU and the University of Tsukuba Mutanov G.M., and Nagata Kyosuke has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation “Initiative of the Campus in Campus”