Student organizations

The Sunkar Student and Undergraduate Trade Union Organization is an integral part of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU) as of September 1, 2022, with 14 representative offices across faculties.

Its primary objectives include:

– Organizing training and professional development programs for trade union activists, particularly in mediation issues.
– Participating in the certification of production facilities and workplaces based on working conditions.
– Providing assistance to union members in accessing medical and pension benefits, sanatorium treatment, and recreational activities.
– Negotiating contracts and transactions with enterprises, public associations, and other legal entities to achieve organizational goals.
– Arranging and conducting meetings and rallies in compliance with legal procedures.
– Engaging in publishing activities to disseminate information about its initiatives.
– Undertaking other responsibilities delegated by union members.

Its main functions encompass:

– Empowering young individuals to attain personal success.
– Fostering the creative and innovative potential of youth.
– Recognizing, promoting, and supporting youth initiatives and accomplishments in socio-economic, scientific, creative, and sports domains.
– Cultivating positive work motivation, entrepreneurial spirit, and effective behavioral skills related to labor and vocational training.
– Establishing mechanisms to counteract the proliferation of antisocial behaviors among young people.

The Altyn Sapa Intellectual Debate Club stands as the inaugural Kazakh-speaking debate club established in the nation, aiming to shape a new cohort of Kazakh-speaking youth characterized by elevated levels of spirituality, intellect, and morality. This initiative seeks to cultivate politically astute, patriotic individuals who embrace a strong sense of civic duty towards society.

At present, the club focuses on several key areas, including coaching debate formats, fostering the personal growth of its members, and engaging in city-wide, national, and international debate competitions.

Enactus serves as the largest hands-on platform globally, dedicated to instilling leadership and entrepreneurial skills across 35 countries. Its mission is to educate, inspire, and empower young individuals to leverage innovation and entrepreneurship for tackling the world’s most pressing challenges. Enactus firmly believes that investing in students who undertake entrepreneurial initiatives for the betterment of others fosters a brighter future for all.

By joining ENACTUS, students can:

– Make a meaningful impact on their community while acquiring valuable experience, skills, and connections essential for a successful career.

– Become part of a vast global network comprising over 72,000 fellow students, all working towards our shared goal of creating a better world.

– Participate in international and national competitions, forums, and business workshops.

– Gain access to top employers nationwide, with opportunities for internships, job openings, and career-related events.

– Experience a journey that not only transforms the lives of those in need but potentially thir own as well.

The Student Senate operates as a unified body, structured in the form of a governing board.

At its core, the Student Senate comprises students who adhere to the Code of Honor of KazNU students and the regulations governing KazNU students.

The primary objectives of the Student Senate include:

– Advocating for students’ interests to the university administration.
– Enhancing the university’s reputation on international, national, and inter-university platforms.
– Engaging in activities across various domains of public life.
– Cultivating students’ leadership skills and facilitating the realization of their potential.
– Encouraging active participation and civic engagement among students, promoting a healthy lifestyle.
– Establishing systematic initiatives to enhance student self-governance mechanisms at both university and faculty levels.

Promoting an anti-corruption culture involves instilling honesty among students, fostering intolerance towards corruption in society, and cultivating a strong sense of responsibility to adhere to the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The student club “Sanaly Urpaq” serves as a platform dedicated to nurturing a corruption-free atmosphere and addressing internal university affairs. It plays a crucial role in safeguarding the university’s leadership, shielding it from potential provocations or actions that could tarnish its reputation, honor, and integrity.


– Cultivating an environment devoid of corruption.
– Educating young individuals on matters related to corruption.
– Fostering the development of an anti-corruption culture.

The League of Volunteers comprises individuals who actively engage in social work on a voluntary basis, without seeking financial compensation. In this domain, factors such as age, gender, education, and financial status hold no significance; what truly matters is the sincere desire to assist others to the best of one’s ability. Volunteering can take various forms, whether through organized associations, grassroots initiatives, or individual efforts, spanning a wide range of services including social welfare, sports, environmental conservation, healthcare, charity, event assistance, and more.

In their leisure time, student-volunteers not only contribute positively to society but also partake in volunteering opportunities such as assisting at concerts, organizing fundraisers for those in need, hosting diverse events, competitions, and projects, while also fostering connections with volunteers from other educational institutions. In essence, volunteers play a crucial role in advancing both societal welfare and the university’s development.

Currently, the Public Foundation “League of Volunteers of Kazakhstan” at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University comprises 190 students.

The youth wing of “Jastar Ruhy” aligns with and advocates for the principles of the “Amanat” party. The organization’s stated mission is to unite the youth of Kazakhstan under the framework of the President’s policies, aiming to facilitate the country’s modernization and development. The objective is to establish a robust and influential political youth organization with the capacity to guide and represent young people effectively.

The Law Enforcement Squad is a collective of students from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University dedicated to maintaining order and peace within the university premises.

This specialized organization is tasked with safeguarding the well-being of students and upholding their rights. Operating with the aim of preventing student misconduct, enforcing regulations within the student housing, and preventing the presence of prohibited substances, the Law Enforcement Squad plays a crucial role in promoting a safe and secure environment for all members of the university community.

“Komek” is a student organization established at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, dedicated to coordinating volunteer efforts aimed at assisting socially vulnerable groups within the community.

  • Fostering social responsibility and offering aid and encouragement to fellow students at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
  • Cultivating patriotism, leadership skills, environmental awareness, aesthetic appreciation, ethical values, and work ethics among student youth.
  • Offering moral and physical support to those in need.
  • Enhancing disease control measures for children.
  • Providing pedagogical support, including tutoring, to orphans and children with disabilities.

The Student Bureau of the Bologna Process (SBBP) is an organization dedicated to advocating for and addressing the academic concerns of students. SBBP serves as a platform for fostering dialogue between the university administration and students in a new format, while also undertaking preventive and educational efforts to mitigate potential conflicts. Our mission is to empower students of KazNU named after al-Farabi to assert their rights in education and to guide them in utilizing educational services effectively.

The organization’s objectives include:

1. Enhancing student involvement in educational governance:
– Implementing an open policy for receiving feedback and suggestions regarding the quality of education at the university.
– Facilitating students’ active participation in designing their educational paths.

2. Implementing policies to promote educational quality:
– Advocating against unfair examination practices.
– Representing students at the Faculty Ethics Council meetings to provide support.
– Monitoring the quality of education delivery.

3. Facilitating internal academic mobility.

4. Providing support for international students.

5. Encouraging maximum student participation in international projects and fostering their widespread development.

The Scientific Student Society is an organization designed to engage students in scientific endeavors, including the preparation of research projects, participation in scientific conferences, and fostering a vibrant student life. It is expected that every student upon entering higher education should be involved in scientific activities to some degree. Engaging in scientific pursuits allows students to conduct research, develop projects, explore business incubators, and ultimately realize their potential as specialists in their respective fields. Science is integral to our future.

Additionally, the organization organizes various intellectual games, competitions, and scientific events. These activities serve to broaden horizons, develop intellect, stimulate curiosity, and cultivate a passion for knowledge among students.

The Higher Student Council of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University stands as the pioneering organization within KazNU, boasting a history spanning half a century and comprising the active youth body of the institution. With a focus on nurturing the patriotic spirit among students, fostering personal responsibility, and facilitating comprehensive self-governance, the Higher Student Council plays a pivotal role in the university’s development.

Every student within the dormitory holds significance for the Supreme Student Council. It oversees the allocation of dormitory placements, advocates for social and other rights, and endeavors to address students’ interests and concerns in collaboration with dormitory chairpersons and council members.

The organization’s primary goals and objectives include:

– Enforcing strict oversight over dormitory order and cleanliness through daily inspections.
– Actively engaging in resolving all dormitory-related issues faced by students.
– Enhancing dormitory life by organizing various events and competitions aimed at fostering community spirit and enriching student experiences.

International Students Association (ISA) is dedicated to fostering a sense of community among foreign students enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs at KazNU. Our goal is to facilitate the formation of a cohesive network where students can maintain practical, cultural, academic, and social connections and exchange valuable experiences.

Responsibilities of ISA members include:

– Facilitating embassy training and encouraging the active participation of foreign students in various events.
– Cultivating a positive and inclusive environment where international students feel supported and valued.
– Providing active support and orientation to incoming international students, ensuring their smooth integration into university life.
– Offering assistance and guidance to foreign students throughout the academic year, including help with cultural adaptation, sports activities, and cultural events.
– Participating in various training sessions and academic classes throughout the year to enhance personal and professional development.

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